The Alloyer is a machine made to combine dusts into higher tier alloys. Can also be applied to lower tier alloys.

Special Recipes Edit

Orichalcum dust + Platinum dust = 2 Celenegil Ingots

Atlarus dust + Adamantine dust = 2 Tartarite Ingots

Kalendrite dust + Platinum dust = 2 Amordrine Ingots

Crafting Edit

The Alloyer is crafted in a normal crafting table with 3 Angmallen ingots on the top, a machine frame in the middle, a furnace on the bottom and 4 Damascus Steel ingots to the sides.

Angmallen = Gold Dust + Iron Dust

Damascus Steel = Bronce Dust + Iron Dust

(Bronce Dust = Tin Dust + Copper Dust)

Version history Edit

4.0.0 - Added Alloyer.

4.0.6 - Rhino Kneel's texture was replaced with the texture from the new artist, EratoNysiad



Alloyer in the 1.7.10 version

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